Dear Miss Obi,

Words can’t express my gratitude at the incredible surgery you performed on the cancer you removed and reconstructed on my eye…… You always treated me with great respect which unfortunately is not always the case……..


Thank you glasses 2
Thank you glasses 1

My son David & I would like to thank you very much for all the care and attention that you gave to me. We appreciate everything and all the time yo gave to us.


Thank you Miss Obi, Wonderful unit, wonderful care.


Thank you 3

Can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being so kind and caring to my mum, Mrs M… Thank you. Best wishes 


…… I write following your letter …….updating me with the result of the lesion biopsy which you carrried out….. I am most grateful to you for carrying out this procedure and to learn that the result proved everything was benign. Please accept my sincere thanks for the thouroghness and the kindness that you and your team gave me during my treatment under your care…………….


Thank You

Just wanted to say ” Thank you so much” for your care and understanding in treating my mother………


I would like to say thank you for your care and kindness during the treatment to my eyes. It was much appreciated by myself, daughter & family.


Thank you glasses 4

Thank you for making such a great job of my eye. Can’t thank you enough!


Just to say a very special thank you! sent with love. You have been so kind. Thank you very much for looking after my husband…….. when you made adjustments to his right eyelid……..He was very impressed with you and your time………


I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the outstanding care I have received……. I have endured the most painful and debilitating condition for years caused by hairs growing from scar tissue in my eyeids…….. Her empathy and caring attitude was quite exceptional. Moreover the skill with which she carried out 3 separate, tiny and delicate surgical operations on my eyelids was little short of amazing. As things have healed……..the chronic pain and poor vision I have endured for years has all but disappeared and my quality of life has increased immeasurably……………..my sincere thanks and eternal gratitude.


I’d like to express my appreciation for what you did for me and your kindness. This is to say Thank you very much.


Thank You

This is just a little thank you card for all the care and treatment I received during my recent eye procedure. You and your team were both very understanding and caring during my visit. You made me feel very relaxed before, during and after the operation. You also talked to me during the operation letting me know what you were doing and how it would affect me. Thank you again to you and your team.


Thank goodness for me that you were on duty on the 20th of Nov 2018. Due to your expertise, professionalism, patience and care I have made a full recovery. I was so pleased ……. Many many thanks to you and your team……….. Many thanks again.


Thank you 7
Thank you 2

Thank you for a job well done …… Have a drink on me ……. Have a wonderful time. …..Delighted with the result and the attention received. my best wishes to all


Thank you so much for your skill and care in fixing my eye for me. I know and hope that there is more swelling to go down. I also think that your happy, smart and beautiful persona you eminate, tells me that you love what you do. I also thank you that you show no prejudice when it would have come to your knowledge that I am one of Jehovahs Withnesses!………..


Thank you glasses 5

I would like to thank you and all your team for the professional way that I was treated on the two occasions I had my eye operations at the eye clinic…….. The operations have changed my life once again thank you all.


Can’t thank you enough!


Thank you 6
Thank you 4

… To say thank you very much! ……Thank you so much for looking after me with excellent staff and your professionalism


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you have a wonderful patient/doctor attitude, there’s not many like you these days. You have so much patience and nothing is too much bother for you………..


Thank You

…….. I am also very grateful for the care you have given to me. I am glad to say that I am still free of symptoms and I don’t need any BoNT……….I hope that if I do need any BoNT in the future, that you will be my consultant again………….Once again Miss Obi thank you again for everything……….


I would like to thank you for the work, patience and care you gave to me. You truly are a wonderful lady. I would also like to thank your great staff ………..


Thank You